The amazing things this year’s graduates are saying about: Activate Your Magic

Activate Your Magic: Testimonials 2019

Rosemary Innes  

"Every week I have been gob-smacked at the genius of the work"

  I don’t know of anyone who can devise a roadmap like Estelle has. I’ve looked for long time, but I don’t know of anyone who can take you step by step, with such a broad brush, so you are allowed to fill in your own details, but with a certain knowledge of where the next step is. "I think its invaluable. If anyone’s thinking about it, its totally invaluable. The work is priceless and it has been a delight."  

"If you want to know who you are, you have to strip away so much. And I don’t know any other process that does it so beautifully and so compassionately. And so effectively."  

"I’ve definitely changed. I definitely feel more grounded. And more solid and more relaxed and more joyful and at ease. Like a big black cloud has lifted off. The amount of energy shifting just listening to the first introduction was enormous."  

"It would help with any kind of block that feels like a frustration about being who you can be. That could be frustration or despair or any of those responses that we get when inside there is something saying “but there is more!”.  

“Activate Your Magic is a beautiful, magical way to say of saying find out who you really are. Walk through your wounds with me and come out the other side with a clearer sense of presence.”  


Jan Bowring

 I found the whole program completely revolutionary and amazing. I’ve trained in so many healing modalities myself. But there was something about activate Your Magic that was amazing because it actually addresses the central nervous system. Its where so much of our healing needs to take place and I’ve spent forty to fifty years not realising that.  

Its such a gift that you offer people and absolutely life-changing.  

I thought the soul retrieval process was absolutely stunning. What I loved about your process is that you are encouraging people to walk into their sovereign power and incorporate that in their own lives. And the process of going into the heart through the nerve tree is absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve done automatic writing in the past but it comes from a clearer channel when you do that process.  

Its a really fantastic course if people are stuck in their spiritual process. You can get very jaded, but AYM approaches it from so many different angles and there is so much assistance and help and there are so many ways that people can incorporate each module into their lives. I really do think its amazing. If people are stuck and struggling, it really unsticks you. I can definitely see a way forward.  

I would say its a lifelong investment. It’s not just helpful while people are doing the course, but its stuff that people can use on an ongoing basis, every day of their lives. The more you delve into it, the more it will open up more of you. It gives you the processes to really get to know yourself.  

Moira Griffiths Camino 

I’ve been a healer for many years now and I knew I wasn’t running at my full potential. So I wanted to deepen that aspect of myself. And there were also parts of me emotionally and physically that just felt very stuck.  

It’s definitely helped me with setting up boundaries with other people. Before doing the course, I thought I was quite good at saying no to people when they are annoying you and just walking away. But I am now standing in my power a lot more. And I definitely say “No, that is not ok,” and that’s great. And I’ve found that with people who are negative around me, I don’t let them suck on my energy any more. That’s been an Aha moment for sure!  

The inner child healing processes felt so empowering. I’ve been to many healers in my lifetime but it’s just so beautiful to have all the tools from this course so that I can heal myself, which is really really amazing.  

It definitely helps with self-esteem. It teaches you also to be a lot kinder to yourself. If someone is stuck in a job or a marriage, it gives you the clarity and strength to find the right solution for you.  

For healers especially, it clears out all the negative thought patterns and criticisms that shouldn’t be there anymore and just lets you be you.  

If you are feeling drawn to this course, there is no doubt, just do it, its awesome.  

The Facebook group was so lovely and with your help too it was like a little family that we developed. And it’s still ongoing which is brilliant.  

Ciara Samuel

I knew I had some personal blocks in terms of moving forward with my business. Then I realised that there was a whole lot more to be gained! I found a lot of changes in the way people responded to me in my relationships. And rather than reacting, I found I was responding more and being more compassionate to them.  

I did a lot of inner child work and I now have a lot more clarity. I know exactly where I am going. Not only do I feel confident going ahead with my business, but its grown from “can I have a healing business?” to “I know exactly what my life purpose is and I can see the steps along the way I need to take.” It’s been amazing.  

You are the best in the business. I’ve worked with a lot of healers in the past offering different types of healings. And nobody really understands sensitive people the way that you do.  

It’s a very personal course. It’s not one on one, but you get that kind of results. It feels very one on one. And there’s the group support as well.  

If you are looking to change your life and fulfil your soul’s purpose, and become the best version of yourself, or even if you want to improve the way people respond to you, there’s something for everyone in this course.  

If you are someone like me who has always known that there is more out there for you than the world says there is. Then this is the course for you.  

Tina Bell

I had things that I couldn’t give myself answers for and I didn’t know where to find the answers. And I had blocks that I couldn’t clear after years of trying and it felt like Activate Your Magic was going to do that for me so I went for it. There were some excellent scientifically backed explanations for the spiritual stuff that you wonder about. And the use of going into the imagination with very specific healing processes was genius for me.  

And the use of the breath as well - that was what clicked for me, that this was do-able and enjoyable as well. And the more you do it, the better at it you get. If you’ve got things that you can’t unravel, no matter how hard you’ve already tried, then I would say go for it! Just ask yourself, what is it worth to you to get these things cleared. Its been really excellent. And really good fun - thank you!  

Michelle Crawley  

Its life-changing. I think its been absolutely life-changing. 

I’d never found a way to work with my inner child on a deep enough level to really have a long term impact on the problems that I’ve had. And I had lots of Aha moments, particularly to do with my inner child.  

On a day to day level I became. A lot more conscious of when I was becoming triggered. And now I’ve got tools so I look into why this is happening and know what to do about it.  

I feel empowered now, rather than just flailing around in the dark. I know I have to keep at it but I’ve got this sense of massive freedom.  

It’s been fantastic. I’ve been looking for something like this for so many years. But now I know I’ve got these tools for life. I feel like whatever life throws at me, I’ve got the tools there to help myself heal. And the other thing that has been fantastic is knowing that there are like-minded people who are feeling the same things that you are feeling. You can talk about these things without feeling ridiculous and you get support.  

Nicola Nicholls

I’m sure within me that I do have the resources, but I think being part of the group and being on the course was kind of vital to me. 

 The Vagus Nerve stuff was very profound. And this stuff is so simple. I’ve got an active mind and we can all make things more complicated than they need to be. 

 But when I know what the tools are, because you’ve shown me, the healing can be very simple. Its not about how clever you are, its about actually allowing yourself to go to those places in your psyche that enable you to move forward. 

 Estelle is lovely and the group has been lovely too. The whole thing for me has been about acceptance and I have personally found a lot of benefit from being able to share my inner wisdom and the things that have come through for me.  

That has been a really strengthening thing for me to do. Its been that forum that has given me the confidence to think about doing something online or connecting with other people. I feel that these practices can make you stronger in order to go out into the world.  

Jill Roberts

Facebook messages

My client Katherine overcame a life-long pattern of overwhelm and learned how to fully bounce back from things that would normally take me weeks to recover from. My client Nicki incorporated what he’d learned from Activate Your Magic and started transforming the lives of the teenage students he works with, radically reducing their levels of stress reactivity in just a matter of weeks. After a life-time of fear and reluctance to tap into earth energies, my client Diana now accesses the gentler healing energies of Mother Earth on a daily basis and feels ten times safer and more supported as a result.

Katherine Mc Adam Estelle’s energy during the live group calls is amazing. The healing energies are so palpable and positive - II felt so inspired and so grounded at the same time. And I have never had such clear visions of the light working in and around a group meditation before. And such clear messages from Source. It really is magical. In particular, I feel like I had always taken this planet for granted and not really connected to the living being that she is. Now the images from Mother Earth come through so clearly, much more intensely than a dream: I can smell the salt on the ocean, the sweetness of the cherry blossoms, the rain. Whatever she shows me, it is like I am actually there. My ability to deal with tricky negative experiences that come one after the other, has improved massively too. I can now bounce back from things that would normally take me weeks to recover from. Several times, memories of negativity have come rushing back to me and if I had not been doing this course, I would have panicked and spiralled into the depths of despair. But now I immediately do the higher nature activation process and reconnect to that very positive 'higher nature' feeling. I now truly believe that I have the ability to smash this. I can trust the process, trust that the universe is on my side. WOW!

Nicki This course has been such a breakthrough, and I’d love to experience it all again! The Facebook group keeps me in conversation with other sensitive people, which is great (I realise I won’t do well in isolation). I normally find Facebook great for triggering my fears, but I know that this group is safe which means I can move on and take risks I need to take so that I can grow. No-one has been able to see what’s going on with me, and explain it, and give me tools to resolve it, like Estelle. I’m (almost) speechless. I really do feel so grateful and blessed that Activate Your Magic actually deals with the stuff that I’ve felt has been choking me. Estelle is able to see it and make it conscious, with more depth and precision than I can, and also validate me (not in being a victim, but in having a wound that needs healing and showing me how to heal it.) The opposite has happened in the past, which just created more pain as I became more invisible. I am also super-grateful for my new-found connection with Mother Earth. Our own planet really the best energy for me to connect with nowadays. That’s a complete 180 degrees transformation in 4 weeks...!

Diana Kingham Wow! What powerful sessions. I’ve done so much training before, and although I enjoyed them, I am unsure if they really made any lasting difference. Activate your Magic has been absolutely brilliant. It’s been really liberating to finally understand how my sensitivity has been affecting every aspect of my life. There are so many wonderful videos and insights and real opportunities for healing on this course. I feel like I’ve invested in something that is going to continue helping me for a very long time. As well as noticing some wonderful synchronicities since I started the course, I also had a significant breakthrough when it came to rules. Before, I found it a real challenge to understand them or even know that there were any in place and this has really held me back - even freezing me up thinking 'am I getting this right'. Insights I gained on the course mean I can now let go of needing to understand “the rules” and rely on my own intuition and instincts. Such a relief. I feel like I can finally allow myself to flow with my life rather than having to put the brakes on in case something is about to go wrong. Another big breakthrough came through embodying a lost soul part (using the soul retrieval process). Previously I have had a lot of reluctance to tap into earth energies, especially for healing. They have just been too powerful and scary in the past. But now, with this part of me back on board, I can access the gentler healing energies. Mother Earth feels a whole lot safer now. Thank you!

Don’t Just Take My Word for it. Here’s a recap of what Past Students/Clients Have to Say about My Courses...


I found it very helpful in my continuing journey of greater self awareness. Really great source of support and true core transformation. More than a few lightbulb moments and connections that I would never have made solo. Quantum leaps in terms of understanding of self and others and some of my core beliefs and reasons behind some of the choices I’ve made so far.

Taking part in the AYM course was one of my better decisions and bourne of my already aligning energies. Change and transformation is not for the faint hearted but much easier in a supportive group environment with like minded people with like minded struggles. Was in two mind whether to invest in this but no regrets and recommend!! It was quite a journey and finding it in the first place and then taking part was confirmation that I was getting back on track and in the flow. 

In flow and emerging! Discovered a passion for sound and sound healing during this course which I had no idea about prior to this! The journey never ends but this was the a faster track part of the trip and the way forward certainly appears brighter as a result! 

Thanks to Estelle for creating this amazing experience which is actually difficult to articulate. Many synchronicities experienced during this that continue to occur. It really was a kind of magic! X 

Helena Ashby


Estelle has helped me remove blocks, heal deep things that kept me held back. She certainly has activated the magic in me. 

I have not even told Estelle this, but the other weekend on a workshop I felt drawn to do, I had to demonstrate a healing modality. So, I just did a few things Estelle has taught us to tap into Mother Earth, then just let myself be guided to where I needed to place my hands on the person and for the first time ever as I had never tried before... I was indeed capable of helping someone to heal as I moved my hands and help unblocks thing's. The person who actually was a shaman felt really good after and had felt the shifts. It was a wonderful moment.  

This week I have helped two different friends out with their dog's. Did some healing work with the dog's and could see the ripple effect on their owners...*food for thought for my business moving forward. It was the most beautiful thing to see the dog's respond so well. One of the dog's a rescue, slept on her owners lap that night. The first time ever she has done that.  

The programme for me not only has unblocked lots of things for me; but also I have learnt so much more. Estelle knowledge is second to none. I am a big fan of creating a bridge from the holistic to the more conventional as a way of helping more people. Estelle has enabled me to know I can do this. I am laying down the foundations of what I hope to be a really successful business. It takes time but I know I am getting there as my map/plan gets clearer.  

On Friday, I went a networking event whose speaker was someone about Aura profiling. I thought it would be interesting and be like minded people to meet. The speaker did not show so I ended up chatting about the things I have learnt and was just so wow at myself as I have learnt so much and even more was confident enough to share with a small group of complete stranger's!  

But, for me the best thing is seeing shifts in my family. Healing yourself = healing others around you. Not just family either. The ripple effect is beautiful.  

I could write so much more but you may of already fallen asleep! So finally, in AYM you will make such wonderful friend's 😍 they will be great support network and often you will discover Soul Family and hey having soul family in your life is another wonderful thing too. I am so grateful for the lovely people I have met through this and know we will be life long friends and support 💞💞 💞  

I wish everyone who goes on to do the programme lots of is a done promise really! Do get yourself a buddy as they are so valuable, thank you Jan 💞💞💞 XXX  

Thank you again Estelle for this group here and what you offer and for the life changing course that I had the pleasure of doing and have all the resources to go back to! 💞💞💞 XXX 

Ali Camden-Smith


-- “What has happened over the weeks has been nothing short of a miracle. In an entirely painless, gentle and tender process, my life has gone from one of struggling with deep set fear to one of lightness, fun and love. I don’t remember when or if I have ever described myself as a happy person in the past, but I sure am one now. Having spent all my life feeling held back I now have momentum. This stuff is truly amazing. Its like living in a parallel, but better, universe. Everything looks the same, but it feels fantastic.  

Janet Dryden 


“After all the emotional, physical and mental investment I put into self healing and endless therapies that only really touched the surface, it was so great to finally get something back that was not only quick and painless but life changing in a deep and lasting way. A momentous block has definitely been removed. It has opened a door too where opportunities are appearing from nowhere for work and collaborative projects. I am excited to see what happens next!”  

Rachel Perry  


“The results of our work together have been nothing short of life changing. I hardly recognise myself from the nervous wreck I was when we first met. I am now:  

• way way better at de-fusing my end of habitual arguments with my husband • way way better at navigating difficult relationships with members of my extended family • way less stressed and less triggered by my environment, and better able to sleep!  

Thank you so so much!”  

Mimi Baker  


“A vice-like chronic depression, deep anxiety and despair lifted off me. My non-existent energy catapulted to a higher vibration than I have ever felt. I experienced a deep sense of inner peace. I feel this work is extraordinary.”  

Hayley O’Neil 


“This is probably the best moment of my life so far – I felt like I was completely lost and I just kept hitting wall after wall. Now I actually feel alive. I am loving and being loved like never before in my life. Thank you, Estelle, for the amazing work you are doing in the world.” “I have so much gratitude for the healing and also meeting and connecting with you.”  

Ana Lopez  


“An unforgettable experience”  

“My healing session was something outstanding! I received not only healing but explanations as to why I feel and live that way. I continue telling people about my unforgettable experience. Estelle just makes wonders! I dream to come some day to Glastonbury to take one more session with her to work on my mother’s ancestral line.”  

Svitlana Polyakova, Ukraine.  


“A precious learning experience”  

“Estelle’s approach to healing is totally unique. I had seen many healers before Estelle, but none of them was able to help me. Estelle’s method really works!! It is so wonderful to be totally free of the negative energies and blocks that I had carried for many years. Estelle has a lot of light within her. The healing sessions were also a precious learning experience for me. Thank you so much Estelle I’m endlessly grateful!!!”  

Irina L. Buckinghamshire, UK  


“I want to shout from the roof tops and tell the whole world how brilliant your work is and how happy it has made me.”  

“Dear Estelle, thank you so much for helping me to adjust and shift the blocks that were preventing me from finding my soul mate.  

I felt for a long time that I myself was standing in the way of finding the right person to spend my life with. I tried several routes to change and none were successful. I knew I had to get out of my own way, I was the problem, but couldn’t work out why or how to change.  

Then miraculously, you came along and helped me to firstly identify the blockages. During the process, I felt so calm and I can usually be a bit defensive about this subject but the way you managed the process made me feel safe and protected and loved. You then helped me dissolve the blocks one by one. I thought the process was so interesting, it felt like although I was a bit tired after the session and nothing seemed to change at first … over the next few days, gently and persistently I started to make small meaningful changes that I recognise now, led me to meet Mr Right.  

I want to shout from the roof tops and tell the whole world how brilliant your work is and how happy it has made me. After a lifetime (I’m 43) of knowing that something was out of place, or something was not right…and trying unsuccessfully, all different routes / therapies and therapists, to find a cure, I am finally with the right person and it feels epic. I’m also really looking forward to our future work together on dissolving any financial blocks that prevent me from financial prosperity.”  

Katherine McAdam, Director of Brand Magic 


“Things are really turning around for me”  

“Hi Beautiful Estelle just want to say a big Thank you for all the work you have done for me. I just feel things are really turning around for me: the Seminars are taking off work is starting to flow in and, most importantly,  

Claire Spencer


“Things are really turning around for me”  

“Hi Beautiful Estelle just want to say a big Thank you for all the work you have done for me. I just feel things are really turning around for me: the Seminars are taking off work is starting to flow in and, most importantly, I have peace and happiness in my heart. Thank you so much!”  

Georgia Gaylard, Melbourne, Australia  


“Truly extraordinary”  

“I just wanted to say what an amazing experience it was. I had no expectations just an inner knowing that connecting with Estelle was the right thing to do. The energy shift was palpable. I feel more settled, centered and connected than I have ever felt and a deep inner peace. Thank you Estelle, I feel that you and your work are truly extraordinary.”  

Irene B, Northamptonshire, UK  


Dear Estelle, Thank you for the journey you took me on. Thank you for your love, time and energy. An incredible experience that I cannot put into words. I know that something has shifted in me, opened up in me, it feels powerful and also really natural. I have so much gratitude for the healing and also meeting and connecting with you. I would love to work with you again in the future.  

Sarah Tilby, Brighton  


”I found it so easy to “work with” you / trust you to aid my healing process”  

Hello Estelle. My work with you was one of the most powerful and life-changing events I’ve experienced and I can feel that my body / energy is still adjusting but I feel amazing. I’ve been sleeping so well which is highly unusual for this night owl! It was really good to meet you and I found it so easy to “work with” you / trust you to aid my healing process. I would like to see you again to go even deeper.  

Elizabeth Sweetman, Frome, Somerset  


“It was like having Christmas several times all at once.”  

Hello my lovely, just wanted to let you know how we are getting on. …… My husband Steve is lighter after his session. He is softer, more vulnerable and feels balanced which is fantastic!!!! I am still feeling washed out but calmer, hopeful and content. Sleep is bliss and I wake up alert. My breathing feels good. I received so much help and so many answers, it was like having Christmas several times all at once. All is well xxxxx  

Rachel Bent, Surrey, UK 


“Like tasting air for the first time!”  

Estelle, I just wanted to write and thank you for the most amazing treatment on Friday. The most noticeable change is how quiet and peaceful my head is, there is a real stillness that I have never experienced, even breathing is such a joy and like tasting air for the first time.  

Claire, West Midlands, UK 


“Estelle has an incredible gift”  

Estelle is a warm, grounded, open-hearted lady with an endearing sense of humour. Our first contact was by phone and I immediately felt at ease in her presence. She has an incredible gift which she uses with humility. I feel truly blessed to have had her walk beside me on my journey.  

Jacqueline Clark, Glastonbury, UK


“It definitely feels like I have had an energetic spring clean!”  

Hi Estelle, thank you for the session on Tuesday. It definitely feels like I have had an energetic spring clean! It was noticeable immediately. In fact while you were clearing things it felt like a rope was being pulled up from my core & clearing me out. I& was very surreal to see you experiencing what I was feeling, like a mirror but on the inside, so amazing.  

I am feeling much more grounded now and the technique you gave me is very helpful, especially the part about sending things back down to the earth. I can feel energy moving below the waist much more deeply than before. I didn’t realise quite how blocked that area was until you cleared it! (if that makes sense). I’m so pleased I came, you were definitely the right person to see and I will certainly be in contact to book another session in the future. Thank you so much!  

Jay, UK  



“Thank you once again for all your help. I think that you are an exceptional woman”  

Christine Hassal, 5 day retreat client from the UK


“I’ll never forget how important you were in kickstarting my new life journey”  

“Hi Estelle. Thank you so much. I feel great. I genuinely feel like my “new chapter” finally started last week. After my retreat I drove across Exmoor, into North Devon, which was amazing. It really was incredible. If you’ve read the Celestine prophecy it describes landscapes as looking luminous, that was exactly how it was with the sun bathing everything in golden light. Rolling hills for miles, driving through ancient forest…magical. I drove back home feeling very relaxed and full of excitement for the future.  

Since then I saw my ex partner for the first time. It was really lovely to see her and particularly to be able to speak openly without fear of causing offence. There was a very obvious change in our dynamic – less buzzy. It was like talking to anyone else, there wasn’t the constant tug towards her that I used to feel, which was a big relief.  

Other things have been happening too. I have a date. We’re both very excited about it. I’ve also had a meeting about my new job, lots of things to be excited about! Oh, and I was offered a place on a Mindspan course for hardly any cost while on my adventure…crazy times.  

So thank you for your help, guidance, and vibrant positivity. I’ll never forget how important you were in kickstarting my new life journey and I recommend your services to everybody.”  

Steve B, UK  


“The most enlightening, fascinating, empowering and special two hours of my spiritual journey”  

“Being fairly near to the conscious beginning of my spiritual journey I was still finding it confusing as to who to turn to for help along the way. I knew I needed to go and meet Estelle but didn’t really know why, therefore I kept putting it off. I can only assume that there was a reason, unknown to me, for this. I finally got round to putting the appointment in place and I can confirm it was the most enlightening, fascinating, empowering and special two hours of my spiritual journey.  

Estelle is a joy to be with, and explains in detail what is likely to happen during your healing session with her. I am sure every healing is different so I won’t go in to detail about what happened during mine, apart from saying that I felt completely safe, calm and knew that I was being beautifully looked after.  

The healing is ongoing and I’m still noticing the effects every day. I feel infinitely more at ease with myself and more confident on my journey. I am looking forward to seeing Estelle again when the time is right for me to continue further along my spiritual path.”  

Sheree Hall, UK  


“Hugely grateful”  

“Wow, what can I say, what a session. I left feeling blown away. I can’t begin to thank you enough, I just feel hugely grateful to whatever work is going on around me and I know you helped to orchestrate that.  

On the even bigger plus side I am sleeping so much better and I am loving my meditation. Thank you, thank you. Much love.”  

Ruth Pretty, UK  


“I felt overjoyed at the insights I had gained.”  

Dear Estelle, immediately after my last session with you I felt overjoyed at the insights I had gained. It felt as though all the potential that healing offers was present with me at that moment Firstly, upon waking on Friday 8th Jan a feeling of deep gratitude suffused me: – for being seen and heard so truly in your presence; – for your selfless healing devotion to me and to all beings; – for my sense of relief and my compassion for the me who has felt so deeply disempowered for much of this life. To have precious insight into why I lived in choiceless servitude to my mother and others in this life, is a true gift.  

Maria H, Somerset, UK  


“I feel I have finally met the ONE :-)”  

Hi Estelle, Just wanted to thank you again for one of the most powerful healing experiences I’ve ever experienced. I feel I have finally met the ONE The one who can really assist me to step into my fully empowered self. I want to continue working with you monthly to continue clearing what needs to be cleared. Wow. Feeling light, exhausted, grateful and yummy all rolled into one. Thank you so much for all you’ve done, for all you’ve come through, your work, your essence, who you are!!! Huge love.  

Louisa Patterson, UK


...and the list goes on...