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How to turn being "too sensitive” into the key that unlocks your soul’s highest purpose and gifts

Learn the exact three steps that 300+ of my clients have used to go from feeling unfulfilled and unsure of themselves to embodying their purpose and gifts, within just a few weeks.


  • the three steps you need to take to align with your soul’s highest purpose and gifts…without spending hours meditating or going on a holy pilgrimage  
  • why sensitive people struggle in the modern world..and how to turn your sensitivity into your hidden super power
  • the secret reason sensitive people struggle to increase their abundance and to attract loving relationships (get this right and both flow towards you effortlessly).

About Your Presenter

Estelle Gillingham has been practicing energy healing for the past 7 years, and has also earned numerous certifications in yoga, Qi Gong and alternative medicine. Her work enables sensitive people to free themselves from the energetic knots, blocks and locks that prevent them from moving forward in life.

Estelle Gillingham

Estelle Gillingham, PhD Author of Be Who You Came to Be